Introduction to Impotence

Sexual stimulation followed by the intercourse is the source of strengthening the bond of intimate relationship of loving couples. Sexual relationship loses its flavor if the man becomes unable to erect one's penis owing to the disease of impotence. The factors which initiate or precipitate the disease of impotence include nutritional deficiencies, prolonged mental stress, and environmental pollution. A number of drugs have been developed by different pharmaceutical companies but the drug with the highest compliance and maximum efficiency is Viagra, developed by Pfizer, a famous pharmaceutical company in 1998. Viagra has its anti-impotence effect in men of all age groups. Physicians all over the world highly recommend this drug for the treatment of impotence.

Gateway to Potent Erection

Erection begins when a person is sexually aroused either by sexual fondle, which is most commonly a touch on genitals, or by bare sexual imagination. The brain senses the sexual stimuli and in response to these stimuli sends signals to the penis. The penis erects under the influence of signals from the brain. For erection to take place, the spongy tissue of the penis called carpus cavarnosa must be filled with blood. The blood required for carpus cavarnosa comes from the penile vessels surrounded by the spongy tissue of the penis. The blood leaves these vessels through the pores formed in the dilated vessel walls. Dilation of the penile vessels is mediated by a vasodilator factor called cGMP. Those men who do not have sufficient level of cGMP are unable to have erection because of inability to fill the spongy tissue of the penis with blood. Viagra performs its fascinating action by inhibiting the machinery responsible for decreasing the level of cGMP thus helping to have strong erection.

Plan and follow up on Viagra:

Planning how to schedule your Viagra administration when needed could be sorted out with a few tips. If you plan to have sexual interaction, take the wonder drug half an hour before it so that it might be activated inside your body to lay its action upon. Further, you could experience the drug effects for four hours within which you could enjoy a powerful erection anytime you stimulate your genitals just about enough. If the starter dosage of 25 mg is rendered insufficient, increase it to 50 mg or even 100 mg further to meet your body needs. But, if you suffer from hepatic or renal disease or you had a stroke or angina, do not take the medication and consult with your physician prior to its use, it should be reminded that the drug is highly potent and its use is not something to be taken lightly. Contraindicated drugs are protease inhibitors, nitrates and erythromycin.

Fewer side effects if any!

If ever they appear, possible ones that are worth mentioning could be bluishness of vision, a slight fall in hearing power, little drop in blood pressure and diarrhea. Others might include priapism of prolonged painful erection and runny, or, congested nose.

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